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The return is coming.

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TheJonnyDeath's News

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - June 6th, 2013

Go follow my new account JonnyAtma!


Posted by TheJonnyDeath - April 27th, 2013

Sorry to keep you waiting.

The return is coming.


Posted by TheJonnyDeath - April 14th, 2012

If you follow me on Youtube, you've surely heard by now that a fellow has trademarked the name 'Johnny Death' and is forcing me to change everything.

As of yesterday, my Youtube account has been deleted for trademark infringement, despite being told 7 days ago that I would have 30 days to change everything.

My .com is still intact as well as my Twitter. I will keep everyone updated from those 2 points as well as here.

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - January 10th, 2012

My latest and greatest creation has now hit the internet, and while it is too large for Newgrounds, you can enjoy it right here on my NG home page.

Also, for a tracklist with time links on it, view it on my Youtube channel.

Sit back and enjoy a 37 minute rock tribute to one of the best VG soundtracks of all time: Super Mario RPG.

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - December 8th, 2011

The 50th GaMetal song is here!

In this special tribute, we take a look back at key GaMetal songs from the past. Sit back and enjoy a GaMetal history lesson, from early 2009, to current day.

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - November 19th, 2011

Myself and a friend of mine are looking for an animator to collaborate with to bring some of our ideas to life.

My partner is an amazing voice actor and concept artist (as well as a creative mastermind), and I would be handling the audio department. We just need an animator as both of us have little or no experience in this department (nor can we find someone around here who does).

Our first major project idea is game-related (as in, relates to a game, not an actual game :P [also, not sprite-related]), if this does well we can go from there and consider doing other things including all-original material.

How well-known you are is unimportant but you must be good, as well as dedicated. We are looking to hang with the big boys.

If you're interested, send me a message here (if you came here from my Youtube bulletin and don't have an NG account, message me on Youtube) as well as a link to some of your work. If we like what we see, we can go from there.

Hope to hear from some of you soon, I know one of you Newgrounders out there has what it takes. :)

Animator Wanted

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - November 2nd, 2011

I'm greeted with another pleasant suprise this morning as FOUR GaMetal songs have made it into the 'best of all time' for this week: Stickerbrush Symphony (5), Star Fox 64 Boss ABC (6), Bowser's Rage/King of the Koopas (7), and Dark World (18).

A zillion thank yous as always as we continue to be on a roll on NG! :)

Another pleasant surprise

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - October 27th, 2011

Thanks to everyones votes, 'Stickerbrush Symphony' has made it in the 'Best of Week' list in the audio portal.

As always a huge thanks to all my fans for your support, we've been on a roll lately! :)


Posted by TheJonnyDeath - October 14th, 2011

Zero-Two made it back in the top this week at #11. Thanks again! :)

Crying Blood

Posted by TheJonnyDeath - October 10th, 2011

Due to popular demand, the next 3 songs will each be from a game series I haven't done yet.

Oh, and here's the Youtube video from the latest song, Star Fox 64 Boss Medley.