Animator Wanted

2011-11-19 02:10:57 by TheJonnyDeath

Myself and a friend of mine are looking for an animator to collaborate with to bring some of our ideas to life.

My partner is an amazing voice actor and concept artist (as well as a creative mastermind), and I would be handling the audio department. We just need an animator as both of us have little or no experience in this department (nor can we find someone around here who does).

Our first major project idea is game-related (as in, relates to a game, not an actual game :P [also, not sprite-related]), if this does well we can go from there and consider doing other things including all-original material.

How well-known you are is unimportant but you must be good, as well as dedicated. We are looking to hang with the big boys.

If you're interested, send me a message here (if you came here from my Youtube bulletin and don't have an NG account, message me on Youtube) as well as a link to some of your work. If we like what we see, we can go from there.

Hope to hear from some of you soon, I know one of you Newgrounders out there has what it takes. :)

Animator Wanted


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2011-11-19 02:55:55

You can count with me.
Maybe i'm an amateur but I know that with practice I can make so much things, and if a Game related I supose is a sprite animation. Right?
So I want to go in :3

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Not looking for sprite animation, actual cartoon-like stuff


2011-11-19 11:04:52

Is there pay? Also is my art style fitting?

TheJonnyDeath responds:

It wasn't an initial thought but we might consider it for some really, really good (though we can't offer much).

For the most part, just looking for someone that would collab with us for nothing aside from ad revenue if that were to ever occur.


2011-11-19 12:30:17

i'm kind of interested. i'm obviously not well known and don't have much to show you, but if you give me an idea of what you want done, i could whip up something to show you.


2011-11-19 13:52:33

Well i'll do it for free! just check out some of my submissions and tell me what you think! (it would be great practice for me ^.^)


2011-11-19 19:50:15

i'm not the best animator but i'm not the worst!!


2011-11-20 02:10:27

i have a sprite animation, butt.......


2011-11-20 08:39:30

inbox me a script


2011-11-30 08:09:58

I don't have much on here, but I'll inbox you a showreel.
I've got experience in 2d animation, including flash, 3d animation and special effects.

I've got a couple of your songs on my iPod, and I'd love to collaborate with you!