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2011-09-21 08:53:28 by TheJonnyDeath

What a great thing to wake up to this morning.

After 9 months of absence from the 'Greatest of all time' list, THREE GaMetal songs have made it on there this week! Those being Sandopolis Zone (5), Champion Battle (15), and Zero-Two (27).

I'm stoked. Thanks to everyone for your support! To celebrate I'll be putting up the newest song, Bowsers Rage/King of the Koopas (Paper Mario) early (later today) instead of waiting till Friday as planned.

Thanks so much again!

PS. Also a special thanks to Xionico for using both 'Galacta Knight Battle' and 'Zero-Two' in the incredibly awesome Xionic Madness 4 Pt. 2, if you havent watched it yet you most definitely should!

The pressure's on.

2011-09-04 00:47:16 by TheJonnyDeath

Can you imagine a world with a new GaMetal song every week?

Well, it probably wouldn't be all that different, but it's coming.

Random promotional stuff

2011-08-20 01:17:27 by TheJonnyDeath

For those of you that haven't yet, you should definitely:

-Checkout my Youtube channel and subscribe
-Follow me on my new Twitter
-Check out sometime, where you can download all GaMetal songs in top quality (including some songs not here on NG), get a little more info about me, and other stuff.

I've met some great people here on NG and have so far established a small fan-base here, as usual a big thanks to everyone that supports me!

If you have any questions about anything just send a message. I normally respond to everybody within a day or 2.

Random promotional stuff

The Ocarina of Time

2011-06-26 17:41:31 by TheJonnyDeath

This was too big to upload to Newgrounds (Over 30 mb full quality), so I present it to you on my NG home page instead!

Finally, after weeks of hard work, my Ocarina of Time megamix is complete. 20 different songs are featured (In order by appearance):

Zelda's Lullaby
Enter Ganondorf
Ganondorf's Theme
Hyrule Field
Lost Woods
Kokori Forest
Hyrule Field
Song of Storms
Song of Time
Bolero of Fire
Minuet of Forest
Nocturne of Shadow
Serenade of Water
Kakariko Village
Lon Lon Ranch (Epona's Theme)
Gerudo Valley
Kotake and Koume's Theme
Hyrule Field
Escape from Gannons Castle
Ganondorf Battle
Zelda's Lullaby
Magic Recorder

This has been a work in progress for a long time but I didn't really get into it till this month. Basically, I just sat down and wrote down all the songs from the game that were worthy of being remade, and tried to order them in the best way I could think of. I must've reordered things 50 times. The songs aren't exactly in chronological order (by their appearance in game), but it generally stays pretty close.

A few songs didn't make the cut. Some were added late. This originally started off only being 6 minutes, but grew to an enormous 13:24 over time, the longest song by far I've ever dealt with. Before this, the longest song I've done was 7:12.

So many long days and late nights were spent working on this remake. Hope you like it!

The Ocarina of Time

Just an update

2011-03-31 12:40:26 by TheJonnyDeath

The next 3 GaMetal songs will be:

Super Smash Bros Melee Menu 1

Basilisk Mine Field (Ninja Gaiden, Act 4-2)

0² (Kirby 64, as voted by fans)

Stay tuned. :)


2011-03-14 02:58:59 by TheJonnyDeath

So I was nearing completion on the next GaMetal song, Final Bowser from Super Mario World 2 (Yoshis Island).

After days of hours of grueling sessions and finally getting the keyboard tracks down, I was left with only the Guitar solos. So I took a break as usual.

I go back later to start hitting up the lead parts, when a message pops up while loading the session.

'Some regions had invalid bounds and were adjusted or deleted'

Having never got that message before.. I was just like.. ok.. then the session loads..


So now I have to redo everything. What a pain.

On the flipside I'm atleast alot more familiar with the solo's and everything so it shouldn't be as hard.

Still, it was one of those moments where you want to set your computer on fire and throw it out the window.

Bare with me another week folks.


About requests!

2011-02-05 19:21:26 by TheJonnyDeath

I want to start off by giving a big thanks to all the new fans I've obtained over the past couple months. I greatly appreciate all of your support and there is definitely more in store!

Lately I've been getting alot of messages in my NG inbox concerning song requests for GaMetal.

Back in the early days of GaMetal, I was able to do nearly all requests because I only got them every once in a while. As popularity grew, I started getting more and more song requests till I got so many that doing them all would be impossible.

The best plan I could come up with was to open up a suggestion box, which can be found on my Youtube channel, where people can drop their song requests, and vote on other requests that they like. Songs with high 'like' counts will be done, which so far has been Revenge of Meta Knight, Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii), and the latest song Attack of the Koopa Bros.

HOWEVER, that is not to say I will only do top voted songs. Often people submit or send me a request that hits the right chord in my brain that says 'that could be awesome', and I end up doing it. Examples of this would be Cossack Citadel, Galacta Knight Battle, Flying Battery Zone, and some others that were requests that just plain intrigued me.

IN CONCLUSION!!, the plan, which I have been following for the past few months, is to do a highly requested song, then 1 or 2 of my own personal choices (be it a request or not), and repeat. I figure this to be the fairest and best way to satisfy as many people as possible, as well as myself.

Thanks again and continue checking in because there will always be more!

~Jonny Death

TL;DR: Submit any song requests to the moderator box on my Youtube channel.

About requests!


2011-01-25 00:51:24 by TheJonnyDeath

A crucial knob on my recording interface broke, thus I am unable to record stereo tracks (ie. drums). Due to this there will be a bit of a delay for the next GaMetal song (Attack of the Koopa Bros).

Hopefully it'll come in before the week is over, and I can have it done by sometime next week.

Bare with me!


2011-01-12 16:39:49 by TheJonnyDeath

Thanks to everyones high ratings, 3 GaMetal songs (Meta Knights Revenge, Smash Bros Brawl Main Theme, and Legend of Mario) have been featured in the all time top scoring list. Thank you!

For those interested, the next GaMetal songs will be as follows (subject to change)

A Sonic 3 song
Attack of the Koopa Bros (Paper Mario)
Bowser (SMW2)
One of the following: Zero Two (Kirby 64), SM64 Staff Roll, SMB2 Overworld.

Stay tuned because there is surely more to come!


2010-10-11 01:31:06 by TheJonnyDeath

Currently making the transition into Newgrounds as suggested by many people, should have everything up within a couple of weeks. Hope I can make a positive impact on the NG community!