50th GaMetal Song!

2011-12-08 02:43:54 by TheJonnyDeath

The 50th GaMetal song is here!

In this special tribute, we take a look back at key GaMetal songs from the past. Sit back and enjoy a GaMetal history lesson, from early 2009, to current day.


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2011-12-08 03:34:30

I love all of your work, continue what you do and you will become the next big thing in game music!


2011-12-08 05:17:24

Please dude, keep up with your good work.
I loved all your songs, and i want to hear more form you.

Mark my words dude, one day, nintendo will pick you to write a whole game's OST.


2011-12-08 14:39:50

As always, your music is awesome D:


2011-12-12 08:25:38

I like the GaMetal music that you make and I say good luck on make more out standing music. ^_^


2011-12-13 16:24:46

Your work is amazing, it allways inpires me when i am coding xD

The best song for me is StickerBrush Symphony.

Keep the good work! =)