Trouble in Paradise

2012-04-14 19:22:05 by TheJonnyDeath

If you follow me on Youtube, you've surely heard by now that a fellow has trademarked the name 'Johnny Death' and is forcing me to change everything.

As of yesterday, my Youtube account has been deleted for trademark infringement, despite being told 7 days ago that I would have 30 days to change everything.

My .com is still intact as well as my Twitter. I will keep everyone updated from those 2 points as well as here.


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2012-04-14 20:09:08

That's the lamest thing I've ever heard.
You have been Johnny Death forever.
If im not mistaken, you'd win in current copyright law (would verify it)

Sigh... Guess I can't say I'm surprised...
Bet the new guy will be flamed to death


2012-04-15 20:27:31

This sucks a big fat one.

Still, if a new channel goes up and is immediatly flushed with videos, chances are all those 'new' videos at once would get more clicks than one at time, might even get more subscribers in the long run?


2012-04-17 00:12:36

I'm still amazed by this. Realizing that yes he did copyright the name, has he done anything with the blasted thing ever or was this simply misunderstandings and the world being a giant dick?


2012-04-17 13:05:52

i think you can still keep you name by kicking out the "a" in the name. just a thought.


2012-04-20 12:07:55

Let's just hope that they don't go after your Newgrounds account next. That would suck WAY worse.

Anyway, good luck Mr. Death, hope things go over well!


2012-04-21 12:14:05

Eh yo guys I think i found the bugger who claimed copyright to our awsome rocking amigo, his youtube acount is JohnnyDeathY2K.


2012-04-23 03:17:59

Heh, if that fool tried to get at your newgrounds account, there'd be hell to pay. Just sayin'


2012-04-26 05:45:00

This is why YouTube should allow some users to change their youtube data, instead of outright terminating everything.


2012-04-26 20:34:34

Fight back buddy. Crush that fucker.


2012-04-28 22:07:48

Damn that sucks. I love your SMRPG medley!


2012-05-03 10:33:11

(Im Imafirenmah)
Well... it seems law doesnt like awesome metal.
You CAN protest about that 30 days thingy... it was a fresh lie.


2012-05-15 19:33:52

unacceptable and completely unforgivable... he must pay!


2012-05-27 13:06:16

So.... what happens now? It's been a while since you've told us anything, have you made any progress?


2012-06-03 00:28:56

Well now that Jonny's been arested for Copyright Infringement...


2012-06-06 02:31:36

@ kevok
. . .
He's WHAT?!


2012-06-08 23:10:13

He was arrested? If that's the case, then it makes sense why he wasn't updating anything....


2012-06-09 23:20:20

But why would they arrest him?! He's complied with what he was ordered to do, regardless of the fact his name was essentially *stolen* from him!


2012-06-11 20:36:06

NOOOO!!! Your metal is awesome! Good luck we're with you all the way!


2012-06-20 21:55:40

This is insane.. he did everything they said


2012-06-30 21:02:44

hang in there! that troll who took your name will lose in the end. if he's suing you, counter-sue him for wasting your time. that jerk is keeping you from your job, your hobby, and more importantly, your life.


2012-06-30 21:02:45

hang in there! that troll who took your name will lose in the end. if he's suing you, counter-sue him for wasting your time. that jerk is keeping you from your job, your hobby, and more importantly, your life.


2012-07-06 17:40:50

Hey man! It's been 3 months with very little word (unless you're posting on twitter, i dont have twitter). Care to give us here on newgrounds or who follow your website an update? I have checked your website every day since april hoping to see you back.


2012-07-12 18:40:06

zafon03, are you sure this is the one? I can't believe that fucker is trying to take OUR Jonny Death's name! He doesn't even have any real talents, giving him the name would be a freaking waste. Seriously, i feel like i should sue that bitch right away.

People, wanna try sending our metal god some PMs here and on Youtube to see if he'll answer??


2012-07-19 21:03:44

I think I found him.


2012-07-19 21:19:54

VVV And by "him", I mean the freaking clown that trademarked the name. VVV


2012-07-21 20:00:09

I don't do twitter, but I did manage to find the new one with a quick google search.

It's blank.

Not good, Jonny. We've really begun to worry.


2012-08-13 15:30:48

Damn, that sucks. Are they threatening to take down your Newgrounds account?


2012-08-26 16:34:09

We miss you, Jonny.


2012-09-12 10:40:26

I'm not quite sure what's happening, BUT I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR MUSIC JonnyDeath!!! I hope you get out of this mess really soon; I signed up here JUST to hear more from you!!!


2012-10-10 21:14:55

I hope you're going to be okay...Your music is something that the government never can take away. You rock buddy. Don't let jail rock you. You rock it!


2012-11-29 06:44:00

I'm guessing this is the time nor the place for this, butfuckit, To make a suggestion on a arrangement(cover? Remix? Terminology escapes me.) Big baby Bowsers theme from yoshi's island, I'd love to see what you can do with that. Also, You are a Rock god. That is all


2013-02-12 16:41:31

Hey man, it's been 10 months, still keeping tabs on you, hoping, begging, for an update from ya. The world cannot afford to lose such a talented artist such as yourself.

Please bro, let us know you're alive and doing ok.


2013-03-06 04:58:02

I just tried to enter your homepage, saw what had happened. Lol man such bad luck, hope you arent put down by that douchebag who took the name. Your music kicks ass man, it really does. Most of my friends have your songs, just wanted to let you know. Dont go away! :(


2013-03-15 23:20:46

You know what would be freaking awesome? A one year anniversary comeback album.


2013-04-01 11:34:46

Kevok - I keep hoping that in 13 days he'll blow us away with like 20+ tracks he's been secretly working on the past year. I'd kill him for making us wait without so much as a word, but would quickly get over it. LOL


2013-04-11 19:47:30

Still waiting, still vigilant, still rocking out to the best remixes out there. Here's to hope for a triumphant return!


2013-04-19 22:24:50

A whole year, and still no word from Jonny. :(

For those who never had a chance to grab it, the entire Super Mario RPG suite has now been uploaded to my NG account. I'm going to try to host the Ocarina of Time medley, but unfortunately he didn't break it into chunks like he did for SMRPG.

We're waiting Jonny.


2013-04-24 07:48:06

Things may seem grim for Jonny but I believe that even though its been 1 whole year since any communication from him that he'll pull through any fire that hell throws at him because he is THEJonnyDeath!